Peace of mind

Halo 10 year Residential Guarantee

Halo Guarantee

Hawke's Bay Homes is a member of New Zealand Certificated builders and can offer you the NZCB Halo 10 year residential guarantee. This allows you to build with peace of mind.

How does it work

Hawke's Bay Homes make an application for your Halo 10 year residential guarantee at the time signing a building contract. Confirmation of cover being in place is your receipt of a Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee Policy Schedule.

Policy benefits

Halo 10 year residential guarantee includes:

  • Loss of deposit if the builder doesn’t start the building work.
  • Losses if the builder starts but doesn’t finish the building work.
  • 10 year cover for the full contract price, for structural defects including weather tightness issue, once the building works have been completed.
  • 10 year cover for the full contract price, for non- structural defects once the building works have been completed.

For further details on Halo please visit this link

Do Things Smarter

Prefab NZ logo

Hawke’s Bay Homes is a member of Prefab NZ, a hub for innovative construction in New Zealand.  We believe one of answers to New Zealand’s housing crisis is prefabrication, building built offsite under factory conditions. In the words of Prefab NZ CEO Pamela Bell Prefab is not a “dirty word”.

For more details please visit this website.

New Zealand Certified Builders

We are Members of NZCB

Hawke’s Bay Homes are a member of NZCB through its parent company MSR Construction Ltd. What this means we are passionate about providing superior workmanship to meet the NZCB membership criteria. This membership states we are trade qualified and able to offer the Halo 10 year residential building guarantee.

For further details visit the New Zealand Certified Builders

Licensed Building Practitioner

Licenced Building Practitioners

Hawke’s Bay Homes team members are licensed building practitioners (LBPs). This means they are assessed to be competent to carry our work essential to a residential building’s structure or weathertightness. You would agree this an important attribute when choosing a building company.

We also ask our sub-contractors to be suitable qualified in their fields of work, this guarantees a good result for all our projects.

Proud Affiliated

MSR is a member of Prefab New Zealand and Certified Builders Association of NZ. We adhere to strict guidelines for achieving the highest possible standards in workmanship and business practice.