Offsite construction – a great solution

MSR Construction Limited build a range of transportable buildings under the well-respected Hawke’s Bay Homes brand. Hawke’s Bay Homes, (formerly Cottages New Zealand) have built hundreds of homes, holiday houses, classrooms and offices in their modern offsite prefabrication building facility in Hastings. They’ve delivered residential and commercial buildings all across New Zealand, often on narrow, winding and, at times, very steep roads. So far nothing has been an insurmountable challenge.

To understand Hawke’s Bay Homes’ building process, why not ask one of their happy clients.

When Lizzie decided to build on her parents’ property, just south of Hastings city, the brief was pretty simple.

“I drew my ideal house plan (a very basic sketch) and took it in to HB Homes to discuss, then it went on to HB Homes architectural design partner Bryan Musson of Hastings-based Createus Group.

“They passed it on to Bryan and he turned it into house plans, with a couple of tweaks from my original idea. But basically, I wanted it under 100m2, as symmetrical and straightforward in layout as possible, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a decent laundry, and a snug little study.”

The building was built off-site in the HB Homes’ modern prefabrication facility a short distance away, then brought to the site by an experienced local house moving business.

In this case the team at HB Homes did all site preparation work such as services (power, water, sewage) and building piles, as well as the consent paperwork. The house arrived and was pretty much a ‘plug in and live’ process.

“It was fascinating to experience. Seeing the process on the day was amazing. What fantastic teamwork and precision to get it in place!” Lizzie says. Prior to arrival, Lizzie was able to call into the factory to see the house taking shape and add some of her own personal design flare.

“I took guidance from Mark and the team on the elements I was less particular about, such as bathroom fittings, then got more specific on things like carpet, tiles, window treatments and paint colours. I think the pink bedroom and inky blue study raised a few eyebrows at the time!”

Lizzie has been enjoying the home for two years now and is enjoying not only living in it but the significance of where it sits – on a property that’s been in the family for many years.

“I love that sense of the past combining with this 21st-century solution. I love how cool and airy it is in the warmer months, when I have all the doors open and the breeze slips through the place, and then how warm and cosy it is in the winter. Double glazing and full insulation — a revelation after living in approximately a thousand cold old flats and houses over the years!”

Lizzie is now a big fan of HB Homes and wonders why people decide to go through a traditional build process onsite.

“I loved seeing it come together and am so happy with the result.”

Proud Affiliated

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